ADS-B Position Sources



For light aircraft, the Model 1201 12 Channel Sensor provides a compact, lightweight package with a straightforward RS-232 interface through a D-Sub connector. As with all of our GPS sensors, there are no pilot controls. Once the unit is installed and configured to your aircraft it starts outputting data as soon as power is applied. The 1201 has been in service for many years as an approved ADS-B position source and as a TAWS position sensor on multiple platforms. The 1201 has the proud distinction of being the first WAAS GPS receiver to receive FAA TSO Authorization, and had been the position source on multiple ADS-B "firsts".  




Free Flight Systens flagship GPS Sensor is the model 1203C. Designed for Business, Airline Transport and heavy rotary wing aircraft, this unit contains a high performance 15 Channel GPS Engine, with improved interference protection and faster update rates than its small aircraft cousins. The unit is housed in a sealed, environmentally robust package (ARINC 743A Alternative Mounting Scheme) allowing it to be located either in the aircraft equipment bay or under the aircraft skin - close to the antenna location to minimize expensive coaxial cable runs. The data interface makes the unit compatible with most transponders - important for ADS-B applications. The 1203C is in service worldwide as an ADS-B position source, as a navigation sensor and as a timing source for datalinks.

For larger aircraft, the Model 1203C offers additional benefits. The unit meets the standards for advanced Required Navigation Performance (RNP) operations. Is currently operating in certified RNP(0.3) systems on Airline Transport aircraft with no other GPS equipment. These aircraft the unit also acts as the ADS-B position source - and in some cases as a Datalink (CPDLC) timing source. These aircraft have achieved full compliance with all key NextGen ATM requirements using the simple and affordable 1203C sensor as the key system sensor.


RANGR 978 Series

FreeFlight Systems TSO'd RANGR family of receivers, transmitters and transceivers are among the most flexible and affordable suite of ADS-B Solutions for airplanes and helicopters. FreeFlight Systems is the creator of the first certified 'UAT' ADS-B Out solution for helicopters operating in the Gulf of Mexico and is obtaining STC's for the most popular make of light general aviation airplanes.

The RANGR products integrate seamlessly with all FreeFlight Systems GPS/WAAS systems for high-integrity position reporting.

Freeflight Systems is proud to offer three flexible solutions of RANGR 978 Products:

  • Solution 1: FDL-978-TX Transmitter only "out"
  • Solution 2: FDL-978-XVR Transceiver "in and out"
  • Solution 3: FDL-978-RX Receiver only "in"

Not sure what ADS-B solution is best for you? Free Flight Systems also has free online webinars to help you fully understand the ADS-B requirement and what is available.

ADS-B University

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