Trig TT31 Mode S (1090ES ADS-B Out) transponder – ‘Plug and play’ retro-fit to the popular KT76A and KT78A. This makes it the easiest replacement option for your old Bendix King unit. However the TT31 also offers class leading performance. With a Trig tray the TT31 becomes the world’s first ADS-B capable transponder, certified to TSO C166b. This is the latest standard for ADS-B Out in the U.S. The TT31 is an ideal component for your ADS-B Out ‘mandate ready’ solution.  
      Trig TT22 Mode S (1090ES ADS-B Out) transponder – Trig’s compact high performer is easy to install like the TT21. With a higher power output of 250W this makes it suitable for high altitude or high performance aircraft. The TT22 is a class 1 transponder - it meets TSO C166b the latest standard for ADS-B in the U.S. It’s an ideal component for your ADS-B Out ‘mandate ready’ solution.  



TY 91 & TY92 VHF Radios

TY91 and TY92 VHF radios – Trig’s TY91 certified 25 and 8.33 kHz radios take up minimal space and weight. Designed with a compact control head and separate radio hardware unit the radio can fit into the tightest panel space. Simple to operate and with a crisp display visible in all lighting conditions the radios features include; dual watch, 9 programmable memories, in- built speaker amplifier and a two place intercom. The TY92 is a higher powered 16 watt version suitable for use as a standby radio on heavier 28 volt GA aircraft. The TY91 and TY92 are the perfect complement to our TT21 and TT22 transponders.  
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